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China-Greece tiesXi's "
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ons, namely practical cooperation and int▓er-civilizational dialogue.Thanks to their concerted two-pronged efforts, the two ancient civ▓ilizations

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are forging an increasingly fruitful partnership and solid friendship in the new era.KINDRED CIVILIZATIONSAccom▓panied by Pavlopoulos and his wi

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fe, Xi and his wife, Peng Liyuan, ▓visited the Acropolis Museum in Athens on Tuesday morning. The couples listened attenti▓vely to the interpreter

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. Xi stopped and asked questions from time to time.The Chinese ▓president said the tour left him a beautiful and memorable impression, and deepened

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his understanding of ancient Greek civilization.He said he felt the impact of history and further realized that China and Greec▓e, as two anci

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ent civilizations, have much in common.Stella Atlamazoglou, public relations director of Athens-based Sino-Hellenic Culture Promo▓tion Company, t

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old Xinhua that she was impressed by Xi's emphasis on what Greek and Chinese civilizations ▓have in common."U

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